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    The Kirghiz of Afghanistan

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    • Title:The Kirghiz of Afghanistan Granada colour production ; producer/director, Charlie Nairn.
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    • Format:Visual Material
    • Summary:At the time of filming, the Kirghiz of Afghanistan were a group of some 2,000 pastoralists living in a remote narrow isthmus of land in the Wakhan Corridor on a bleak high mountain plateau 15,000 feet above sea level, cut off from the outside world by the sealed borders of the Soviet Union and China. The program examines Kirghiz beliefs and social structure as well as the economic and political challenges they face and documents a Kirghiz wedding, and with it the rarely-seen traditional sport of "buzkashi", a prolonged horseback battle which demonstrates both the sturdiness and the ancient horse-riding skills of the Kirghiz people, whose geographical origins are in far-off Mongolia. The film also focuses on the remarkable wealth and authority of their leader, the Khan, by far the wealthiest pastoralist on the plateau who owns all the cattle and livestock and for whom a large number of Kirghiz families work as shepherds and herders. When the anthropologist Nazif Shahrani visited the group in the mid 1970's with a British film crew, he did not know that they were filming a disappearing people. Following the communist coup in 1978, many Kirghiz fled to Pakistan, while others were resettled in eastern Turkey in 1982.
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    • Series:Disappearing world.
    • Subjects:Kyrgyz--Afghanistan.
      Kyrgyz--Afghanistan--Social life and customs.
      Kyrgyz--Afghanistan--Economic conditions.
      Kyrgyzstan--Social life and customs.
      Afghanistan--Social life and customs.